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Why I Became a Travel Agent

If you've ever purchased a home, you know it's important to keep the balance of your credit cards under 30% and not make any large purchases until you've settled or closed on your home. I was buying a home this year (2018) so I wanted to do a payment plan for a family trip

to Jamaica in July 2017. I'd already done the research on a specific resort. A friend recommended a travel agent who was a friend of hers, so I reached out to her. I gave this young lady all the information; resort name and the specific types of rooms we wanted. She e-mailed me back and asked "If I can get you a better deal somewhere else are you interested?" My response was no. I never heard from her again. I moved on to another travel agent from my hometown. He seemed willing to assist. We had communicated several times via phone and by e-mail. When we were a year out, I stopped getting responses from him. I'm not sure what happened but I never heard from him again either. It wasn't until I became a travel agent myself that I learned not all hotels, resorts, ect. pay commission so other travel agents will try to force your hand to stay somewhere they know they'll receive payment from. So, I decided to become a travel agent. I was doing the work of a travel agent anyway for myself. Now I just reap all the benefits.

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