Ugly Dog!!!!!

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

If you've never been to New Orleans, you must visit at least once!!!!! The people, the food....THE FOOD!!!!! My supervisor stumbled upon this little place after arriving in New Orleans Sunday night and checking in to a hellish of a room at a hotel whose name I won't mention (yet). She was exhausted. Room service at this particular hotel had closed 2 hours early without notice. So, she decided to walk until she found a place and the little gem she found was the Ugly Dog Saloon and BBQ. She had a brisket panini and she said it was delicious. Today, she and I went to the airport to pick up another co-worker and we all ended up back at the Ugly Dog Saloon and BBQ. Man!!!!! We initially set off looking for seafood but my supervisor really felt like we'd like the Ugly Dog better. She was right! We walked in and some of the regulars were there watching and playing along with Jeopardy. These three guys were awesome! I watched them in amazement wondering if they'd ever auditioned for the show. If they hadn't, they should. The bartender, Mike, was not only easy on the eyes but he has an awesome personality. I had no idea what I wanted to drink by name so I told him I wanted something sweet and mixed. He didn't hesitate to whip up something that he sat in front of me and said "try this". It was so good it was down my throat in 4 minutes or less. I ordered fried pickles and the catfish napoleon. The lightly fried catfish was laying on a bed of mashed potatoes and collard greens. Wow!!!!! Talk about delicious!!!!! I was instantly in a food coma. I had to keep myself from falling asleep at the bar. Will I be back????? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Thank you Mike! You're awesome!

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