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Ugh....Why do they do that?

I truly enjoy what I do. I love helping others plan those dream vacations, especially if it's their first time traveling. And one of the great things about being a travel agent is the different tools I have access to, one being payment plans. The option is there so I have to mention it right? Anytime I take a call with a customer or potential client, I always mention the option to do a payment plan. Some people are excited about the idea. Others? Well, they seem to cringe at the thought of it and I can't understand why. I can hear the deep sighs and visualize the looks of disgust on their faces when I bring it up. But why? Accepting a payment plan is not an implication of poverty. It's not a bad thing, it really isn't. There are many reasons for accepting a payment plan. Before I became a travel agent, I needed one because I was buying a house. Now? I use them every chance I get!!!!! It alleviates the stress of pulling money out of my savings or trying to pay off a credit card just to charge it up again. Don't be embarrassed to use one yourself. You'll end up saving much more money using one instead of making such a large purchase on your credit card and accruing interest.

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