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I was so excited for my first trip to Dominican Republic. It had been planned as a couple's trip but the host had broken up with her boyfriend and the trip was cancelled. I, however, didn't get the memo until I was already at the point of no return. I was about to cancel my arrangements and take the loss when a very dear friend of mine passed away. I had been advised to go ahead and take the trip because of the timing of her death. It happened to be the anniversary month of my brother's death and that time of year is always difficult, no matter how much time has passed. I trusted the person who gave me that advice so I went. I arrived at the resort, all-inclusive of course, and I was blown away! I was given a tour around the grounds and I felt like I was walking through the grounds at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Aromatherapy candles were lit throughout the property. When I was finally escorted to my room, I understood the purpose of the aromatherapy candles. They were a distraction. That aromatherapy had me feeling like I'd been given a drink at every turn during my tour of the grounds so by the time I got to my room, I was good and relaxed. But when my butler opened the door to my room and I walked in, I "sobered up" QUICKLY. I was disgusted. I had just toured the grounds of the Bellagio but my room was Motel 6 from 1986? Really? The furniture in the room was older than I was at the time. And there was actually a tape player in the room in case I wanted to listen to some music. I felt some type of way about that until I learned they were in all the rooms. I was speechless. Clearly there is a lot of money flowing through the place. There was no reason the rooms couldn't have been catapulted to the current century. I was so disappointed I went right to Trip Advisor and left a scathing review. I detailed everything, right down to the mosquito that I'd chased around the room for 3 hours after it had bitten me 7 times. The next day, I felt the tension with my butler when she summoned me because her manager wanted to see me. She had read my review of the resort and wanted to try and make it better. They upgraded my room to a room with a view of the ocean and gave me a complimentary bottle of wine. The furniture & vibe was the same as my old room, just a different view. I accepted because I appreciated the gesture. But of course she wanted something in return. She wanted me to change my review. Well, I wasn't willing to do that. I did agree to remove it though. But I reposted when I returned safely back to the US. Moral of the story? When things aren't going well on a trip, talk about it, publicly, right then. But if you're ever approached about changing a review, DON'T!!!!! Your opinion matters. Those surveys count. We as travel agents actually read those reviews before making a decision about booking a place for our customers. So keep helping us help you.

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