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Oh What A Difference A Wait Staff Makes...

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Since I've been here in New Orleans, I've been trying to try new and different foods. But tonight, we did a repeat. We, myself and two friends, had dinner at Red Fish Grill, 115 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 Tuesday night and we were back again tonight. I didn't blog about it Tuesday but I had to tonight. The difference???? The wait staff. The young lady we had on Tuesday night was nice. I didn't like that she tried to convince me not to substitute the Tasso and mushroom pontalba potatoes that came with the wood grilled redfish & lump crab meat for the spinach I wanted. It was clear to me that she'd memorized the menu because she didn't write anything down. And good on her. But I ended up having flavorless catfish because I do not eat mushrooms and nobody could convince me to. Tonight, we had Michael & Andre. They were so awesome!!!!!! Great personalties, very professional. And I got my grilled redfish & lump crab meat with spinach. It was delish!!!!!! Andre was able to bribe us (or did I bribe him?) into getting the double chocolate bread pudding. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! FOOD COMA!!!!!! Thank you Michael & Andre. You two really made our night. Our dining experience was much more pleasant because of you. If you see these two 👇, try to sit in their section. You won't be disappointed.

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