Lysol or Clorox Wipes & Spray

I've been trying to remember how long I've been traveling with lysol spray and/or wipes or clorox wipes and I just can't. We've all seen the specials on the news where they show us just how the housekeepers clean the rooms, or don't clean them. They use dirty towels and wash cloths to wipe out the glasses in the room. They use their fingers to remove remnants of food from silverware. And lets not talk about the showers....The truth is, housekeepers have a short window of time to clean all the rooms assigned to them. To make sure they get their work done, they take short cuts. Do I blame? Yes! You can thoroughly clean a room and still make your time. In New Orleans, I was quite disgusted when I checked into 1 of the 3 rooms I stayed in while there to find the soap from the last occupant still in the shower. And it was left their until I checked out 2 days later. So for my own sanity, I take spray and wipes with me because stomach flu doesn't discriminate. I wipe off the phone, all light switches, TV remote, the toilet, door handles, etc. I spray all the furniture in the room and the bed, including pulling back the comforter and spraying the sheets and pillows. Yes, it may be too much. I mean who wants to go on vacation to clean? But who wants to go on vacation and get sick after day 2? I always travel with shower shoes as well.

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