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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Usually, when I have some not so flattering comments about a place, I don't associate the name with my experience because I don't want to do anything to damage anyone's reputation. We're all business owners trying to continue our growth. But in this particular case, I'll call this an observation, one that I hope management will take heed to. I went to Morrow's, located at 2438 Saint Cloud Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117, for dinner the other night. It was recommended by a friend who travels frequently to New Orleans. When we arrived, we were told it was a 45 minute wait. Not a problem. There was a family of 5 who'd been waiting over an hour. We were finally seated right around the 45 minute mark. I was happy with my meal, at least I think I was. By that point I was hangry so I'm sure I inhaled everything that was on my plate. I was happy with my meal and our server. But while we were eating, I noticed that everyone who was working that night looked like teenagers. They were all busting their butts and I appreciated them for that. But I couldn't help but think if there'd been some adult supervision there that night, things may have gone smoother. The two young ladies at the door were sweethearts, but they just couldn't seem to get it together. 3 tables sat empty for 10-15 minutes while they were scrambling trying to keep up with what was going on. The only person who appeared to be 21 years old or older was the bartender. I could be wrong, there may have been a manager or someone there. It certainly didn't appear that way. Not that my opinion matters that much, but I think had some adult supervision been there that night, there wouldn't have been so many people who came in and walked right back out. The place is clearly popular with great reviews. I recommend expanding if possible. If not, just have an adult there so things can flow much better.

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