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It's Not Just Loose Lips....

I attended a convention for travel agents recently in Charlotte, NC. I didn't have the time I wanted to really get out and see Charlotte because I wasn't alone, and the person I was with was a "Debbie downer"; Next time Charlotte. Even though I'm a travel agent, I was skeptical about the hotel that had been chosen for us because the rate was just unbelievable. Me being skeptical about the travel agent rates at hotels.....go figure!!!!! And I admit, when it comes to traveling, yes, I am quite bougie. Being bougie isn't bad or negative but some people use it negatively or as an insult. Call me bougie all day. I will not be offended. I digress.......Anyway, the hotel was very nice. It met all my expectations. The room was nice. Breakfast was good. They even had a vending machine for special guests where you punched in a code and "ordered" whatever you wanted. It was pretty cool. The problem for me was the day of the convention. There were different vendors on the right & left side of the hallway for us to speak with and get information from. When we broke for lunch, I walked out of the conference room we were in right into some shit! Yes, SHIT! Dog shit to be specific. Someone's dog must have had diarrhea and the poor thing had shit a line that was yards long!!!!!!!! And it was in the middle of all the vendors! It was disgusting! But what was more disgusting was the hotel employees who were right there acting as if they didn't have any cares in the world. Three of least one was easily recognized as a member of the janitorial staff. I couldn't believe it. I wondered if they realized they had a room full of travel agents near by. I understand that that was just an unfortunate incident. However, I was quite turned off and to this day, I'm not so sure I'd book any customers there....

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