I've been staying close to home because of the pandemic and I'm high risk but I've decided I just can't wait anymore. I took my first flight in 2 years in July and that "travel itch" returned instantly. So, my jet setting will resume. To follow along on my new journeys, join Bella Noor's Bucket List on Facebook. Get information on upcoming group trips and help me decide where to go next. Happy traveling!

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2020 was supposed to be the year I celebrated my birthday in Greece, however, COVID-19 had different plans. I've been doing my best to be careful, including only traveling when necessary. Unfortunately, the three trips I took in 2020 were all family emergencies. Although I was with my family and hadn't seen some of them in years, I didn't hug any of them, we gathered outside, and we kept our masks on. My mother is high-risk so I'm going to continue doing my best to be careful, but I'm tired. I want to start traveling again and just experiencing normal life. But is it time? This is a decision that only I can make for myself, just as you have to make for you and your loved ones.

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Updated: Jan 6

Traveling with lysol spray and wipes was something I had already begun doing a couple years ago. Each time I checked into a hotel, I'd wipe down light switches, phones (even though I knew I wouldn't use it), remotes, toilets, etc, anything I thought I'd be touching. And I'd spray the bed down as well. But even with all that, I never thought to wipe down the seat trays on the airplane. Recently, I saw a report about the germs on airplanes and they had tested a seat tray and found ecoli present and it made me think about all the parents who change their children right in the seat, and use that seat tray as a temporary "trash bag". With everything going on and not knowing for certain how the coronavirus is spreading, you can bet your bottom dollar you will see me on a plane, wearing a face mask, wiping down the seat tray in front of me. I'm going to start wiping down the seat as well. More often than not I fly first class so I'll have time to do so. God's will will be, but we can at least try to protect ourselves and others.

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