Traveling with lysol spray and wipes was something I had already begun doing a couple years ago. Each time I checked into a hotel, I'd wipe down light switches, phones (even though I knew I wouldn't use it), remotes, toilets, etc, anything I thought I'd be touching. And I'd spray the bed down as well. But even with all that, I never thought to wipe down the seat trays on the airplane. Recently, I saw a report about the germs on airplanes and they had tested a seat tray and found ecoli present and it made me think about all the parents who change their children right in the seat, and use that seat tray as a temporary "trash bag". With everything going on and not knowing for certain how the coronavirus is spreading, you can bet your bottom dollar you will see me on a plane, wearing a face mask, wiping down the seat tray in front of me. I'm going to start wiping down the seat as well. More often than not I fly first class so I'll have time to do so. God's will will be, but we can at least try to protect ourselves and others.

I flew Southwest for the first time for my most recent trip to New Orleans. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I got okay boarding assignments. On my flight out, I was B41. For my return flight, I was A58. I was hesitant because I was expecting the boarding process to be more like a cattle call and I like the comfort of knowing I have the seat I want. I don't think people actually line up in numerical order though. I'm sure I'll fly Southwest again, for short, non-stop flights. I don't really see the point in paying extra money to board early, for me anyway. However, if you're like 6 feet tall, I recommend paying the extra money so you avoid getting a middle seat. On my flight out, I of course chose an aisle seat and the window seat was taken. Then this 6 foot tall guy took the middle seat and our legs were stuck together for the entire flight. I would've been excited had he not been wearing a wedding ring 😐. I will say this though....I found out Southwest isn't always the cheapest flight you can find. So if you have the time, shop around. I chose Southwest for the experience this time. The seats are much smaller than I'm used to it and the gate areas aren't as clean as other airlines, but it works.

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I truly enjoy what I do. I love helping others plan those dream vacations, especially if it's their first time traveling. And one of the great things about being a travel agent is the different tools I have access to, one being payment plans. The option is there so I have to mention it right? Anytime I take a call with a customer or potential client, I always mention the option to do a payment plan. Some people are excited about the idea. Others? Well, they seem to cringe at the thought of it and I can't understand why. I can hear the deep sighs and visualize the looks of disgust on their faces when I bring it up. But why? Accepting a payment plan is not an implication of poverty. It's not a bad thing, it really isn't. There are many reasons for accepting a payment plan. Before I became a travel agent, I needed one because I was buying a house. Now? I use them every chance I get!!!!! It alleviates the stress of pulling money out of my savings or trying to pay off a credit card just to charge it up again. Don't be embarrassed to use one yourself. You'll end up saving much more money using one instead of making such a large purchase on your credit card and accruing interest.

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